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Flood Action Plan

Site last updated 30/11/2011

On 7th September 2009 Northumberland County Council started a 90 day Public consultation of their Flood Action Plan. As part of our remit we produced an extensive list of proposals that we felt should be put into it. It took over a year from the start of the consultation for them to come up with version 2. We feel there is still a lot of work and detail to go into the document before it is robust enough for us to have confidence in it.

To download a copy of Northumberland County Council Flood Action Plan Version 2 Click HERE

Morpeth Flood Wardens

Morpeth Flood Action Group is helping with the setting up of Flood Wardens. For more details contact Alan Bell. email alanbell14@btinternet.com

For an understanding on how Morpeth floods for different river flows click the image on the right

How we flood

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