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On the 5th and 6th of September 2008 Morpeth found itself at the centre of the most intensive rainfall in living memory. There was extensive flooding throughout the town centre, where over 950 properties, including dozens of businesses, were directly affected. It is estimated that a further 90 properties throughout the borough were seriously affected. Iconic buildings such as the Chantry and St George’s Church suffered considerable damage, as did landmark shops. The Riverside Leisure Centre, the town’s main library, the emergency ambulance station and the doctor’s surgery and health centre in Gashouse Lane were all inundated and had to close. The flood was a truly devastating event.

Voices of the Flood

Morpeth Flood Action Group is collaborating with Greater Morpeth Development Trust to produce an archive of stories, photographs, reports and surveys of the flood event and how the town coped with the aftermath. It is intended that the website will be fully up and running on the second anniversary of the event, this will be in conjunction with an exhibition in the Town Hall as part of a heritage event the following weekend

The Telford Bridge with St George’s Church in the background. Photograph taken on 6th September, 2hrs before the River Wansbeck peaked.

Met Office radar of the rainfall on 5th, 6th and 7th September 2008 source - Met Office

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Our Proposal

Insurance Our Proposal for the Way Forward

Together with Morpeth Town Council and Morpeth Chamber of Trade, Morpeth Flood Action Group has produced a proposal for the future of flood insurance

River Levels

Environment Agency online river levels are now available - click on the image above to go to Northumberland Rivers

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