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Welcome to the Morpeth Flood Action Group website. Pages and links for everything you need to know about Morpeth and flooding

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Insurance Survey

Find out what’s happening with the river, what the weather forecast is and how we flood with the links below. At times of heavy rain follow us on Twitter for the latest updates

Worried about the weather and river levels?

Construction work started on the scheme February 2013

Work started on the alleviation scheme in February 2013. It is expected to be completed next winter. It is anticipated that it will come in £5m more than the original budget.

Alleviation Scheme

What Richard Benyon tweeted about us on his visit to Morpeth

Insurance. What is going to happen post 2013?


Insurance for properties in high risk flood areas is becoming the pressing issue. Read what we are doing about it, the Morpeth Model, on our Insurance pages. Our 2010 survey results, what the Government is doing about it and what is likely to happen when the Statement of Principles ends in 2013

Drainage, Flood Action Plan and possible Housing Developments

Morpeth Flood Action Group is more than just about the flood defences. We look to address all aspects of flooding and tackle them for the benefit of the whole community. To be able to do this we need the help of all the residents in Morpeth, if you know of any flood problems or just need advice please contact us

Drainage Issues Resistance and Resilience

On the 5th and 6th of September 2008 Morpeth found itself at the centre of the most intensive rainfall in living memory. There was extensive flooding throughout the town centre, where over 950 properties, including dozens of businesses, were directly affected. It is estimated that a further 90 properties throughout the borough were seriously affected. Iconic buildings such as the Chantry and St George’s Church suffered considerable damage, as did landmark shops. The Riverside Leisure Centre, the town’s main library, the emergency ambulance station and the doctor’s surgery and health centre in Gashouse Lane were all inundated and had to close. The flood was a truly devastating event.

Extent of flooding at 5pm 6th September 2008

Artist’s impression of the dam at Mitford - source EA

Go direct to our Flood Insurance Survey 2014

Met Office radar of the rainfall on 5th, 6th and 7th September 2008 source - Met Office

For photo galleries and stories of the 2008 event you could previously have gone to our Voices of the Flood site. This is temporarily off line, we hope to have it up and running in the near future

View a timeline of events as they occurred

Timeline Sept. 2008

Read our four documents about insurance, including the Morpeth Model and our take on resistance and Resilience in the context of insurance

The Morpeth Model Why the Morpeth Model Cotting Burn Download The Morpeth Model

Latest updates

Pre & Post Flood Community Agreements

Our next big project, Pre & Post Flood Community Agreements. What the community can expect from responders

Community Agreements

Some properties adjacent to the Cotting Burn have flooded 3 times in 4 years. We are not entirely satisfied with the proposals in the main scheme for the burn and are looking for improvements.

We have a petition signed by over 150 residents, who are directly affected, asking for at least a 1 in 100yr protection.

About our Survey 2014 EA News May

We are conducting a flood insurance survey. We have done a leaflet drop in the areas of Morpeth that we want information from. Collection of completed questionnares will take place on 31st May & 1st June. Alternatively it can be completed online by clicking the link below