Friday 5th September 2008

Saturday 6th September

Flood Watch for River Wansbeck issued

7.25am Flood Warning for High Stanners and Mitford Road NW115 issued

11.26am Severe Flood Warning for High Stanners NS101 and Town Centre West NS102 issued

12.49pm Severe Flood Warning for Low Stanners NS103 and Town Centre East NS117 issued

Error by EA Downgrade to Flood Watch was issued for Middle Greens NS118 instead of issuing Severe Flood Warning

Sunday 7th September

Timeline of the day as recorded in CMBC and Northumbria Police logs

CMBC + NCC & NFRS as in JBA report

13.30 Phone call from the EA advising the Council that the models forecasts & telemetry data are predicting that a Flood Watch for Morpeth & Ponteland will be issued between 01:00 – 03:00 with a Flood Warning issued between 04:00-10:00. The EA will re-run calculations at 15:00.

15.35 EA Models re-run at Leeds. Current prediction - Morpeth – event similar to 2005 or lower. But subject to number of unknowns e.g. bridge being blocked. If called Flood Warning 00:30-01:00 Peak 03:00 – 05:00 (6/9/08) Said would be good to alert officers but not anything more at present


 3.37 Flood Watch for River Wansbeck taken by Environmental Health Duty Officer


7.30 Flood Warning taken by Environmental Health Duty Officer. CMBC invoke Emergency Plan and Flood Action Plan

8.00 Castle Morpeth Housing advised of the current situation

8.30 Duty Officer contacted by Fire Control; to advise that there would be a meeting held at Fire HQ at 1100hrs to discuss the current situation.

8.55 ECC set up


9.20 Signs and sandbags deployed


Northumbria Police as provided by them







Log created 843, 1635hrs re Flood Watch received.

2100hrs Roads flooded, need signs from LA: Whalton Rd Morpeth












0900hrs Wansbeck flooding reported at High Stanners. Also burst it's bank next to blue footbridge. Request to LA Crawford footbridge in Morpeth is closed. Mathieson Gardens - river burst banks.

Officers monitoring Crawford Bridge, Bennetts Walk, CarlislePark, High Stanners (Morpeth)

1000hrs Bennett's Walk, Morpeth, section of road 10" under water. EEC: "expecting floods as seen in 2005, not expecting to evacuate houses with peak coming at 11am". Mitford road, water in gardens 8" deep. Bottom of Whorral bank, river has reached allotments. One house has flooded cellar.

Decision to call in staff to facilitate precautionary police Gold. Officers assisting in  Whorral Bank (Morpeth), High Stanners (Morpeth)

Extent of flooding at 11am source Newcastle University School of Engineering and Geosciences

11.00 Meeting held, group discuss situation to date and what may need to be done in the coming hours. Group starts to prepare for a possible evacuation of High Stanners. NFRS on site, starting ad-hoc evacuations of affected properties at High Stanners. 11.10 Informed that EA will issue Severe Flood Warnings for NS101 & NS102. Agree to follow plan on evacuation. 11.15 Loudhailers and vulnerable persons list collected. 11.20 Request for transport and school to be opened for Rest Centre


1100hrs EA were advising evacuation of a number of properties in Morpeth area. Req that Staithes Lane be closed off. Bennetts Walk impassable - 2ft deep.

Officers assisting in Mitford Road, High Stanners (Morpeth)

Extent of flooding at 12noon source Newcastle University School of Engineering and Geosciences

12.10 Request for Town Hall to be opened as a muster point

12.22 Request to GOLD Commander for uniformed police support and needed to meet at OldgateBridge to co-ordinate wider evacuation.

12.25 CMBC Mobilises rest centre staff


12.30 First evacuees leave their homes (using own methods of transport) and head to Morpeth Town Hall as an interim place of safety before being transported to King Edwards High School.

12.45 CMBC rest centre manager on site at King Edwards High School and first evacuees arrive

T&WFRS’s Swift Water Rescue Team on scene and assisting with evacuations.

1200hrs F&R advise police Silver that Riv Wansbeck at Morpeth is bursting it's banks. Multi agency Silver based at Northumberland EPD/ F&R. Bronze at Morpeth Police Station. Police Silver advised Duty Gold, . Houses at High Stanners, being evacuated.

ASG from Newcastle deployed to Morpeth to assist F&R. Police standby for part mobilisation, current shift told not to go home after shift. Officers assisting in Whorral Bank, Oldgate Bridge (Morpeth), Clifton, High Stanners (Morpeth)

Extent of flooding at 1pm source Newcastle University School of Engineering and Geosciences

13.00 Call received by NCC Emergency Planning From Police advising that Police Gold was going to be activated


13.15 Northumberland County Council mini buses x 4 start to transport evacuees to KingEdwardsSchool rest centre

13.30 No evacuees arrived yet at Town Hall

13.35 3 minibuses on site taking evacuees to Abbeyfields

13.40 Discussions regarding possible evacuation in Mitford Road and Middle Greens

1300hrs River overflowed onto Mitford Road. Bridge in Morpeth has fast flowing water and looks ready to collapse. Oldgate road closed. Mathieson Gdns self evac'd, some elderly awaiting police assistance. Evac persons from Morpeth to go to King Edwards school as a rest centre. StannersBridge; F&R request bridge closure, more police as evac likely.

1 Sgt & 3x CSO sent to Oldgate Morpeth. Another ASG team deployed to High Stanners.

Extent of flooding at 2pm source Newcastle University School of Engineering and Geosciences

14.00 Oldgate sandbagging to try and protect evacuation route for Oldgate Court and MatthesonGardens.

14.10 Reports that High Stanners evacuation almost complete and assessment being carried out on MathesonGardens.

14.15 Report on need to evacuate Mitford Road and Bennetts Walk.

14.25 Request for transport and boats to be arranged for Mitford Road and Bennetts Walk. Transport deployed to Middle Greens.

14.30 Request for Police to close roads

14.35 Police presence requested at Coopies Lane as public are issued with sandbags

14.40 Request made for more people to door knock

14.50 Rang police. Formal request for more resources

1400hrs  Some people at High Stanners refusing to evacuate at this time. Bridge at Oldgate starting to breach, last people being evacuated (20 persons). Flood defences at rear of St George's church breached, water running freely along Gas House Lane. CMBC report Morpeth roads gridlocked.

5 PCSOs deployed to Pottery Bank (Morpeth).

Extent of flooding at 3pm source Newcastle University School of Engineering and Geosciences

15.00 Very concerned re Bennets Walk explained had asked Emergency Planners to evac by vehicle else would be by boat.

(NCC) Crisis Purchasing Scheme for Morrison’s implemented to obtain food etc for Rest Centre. Blankets sourced from Northgate and St Georges for King Edwards Rest Centre. Emergency Planning staff tried to contact Abbey fields 1st School continuously throughout early afternoon to no avail. A decision was made to utilise the County Hall restaurant as a second rest centre which would prove useful for evacuees trapped south of King Edwards High and the flood areas in Morpeth. Preparations made to bring in staff and open County Hall restaurant as a Rest Centre.

15.20 Request for transport from Phoenix Court for elderly. NCC ask for Rest Centre staff for County Hall to assist with tea and coffee etc.

15.45 (NCC) Assistance for transportation of evacuee’s requested from British Red Cross, St John Ambulance and North East Ambulance Service, the organisations where asked to provide transport which was to be held at Heighley Gate Garden Centre to ensure transportation could get to evacuees in North Morpeth and the County Council car park for evacuation efforts in South Morpeth. Major Incident called. Evacuated residents begin to be transported to County Hall rest centre. County Council media officer prepared and disseminated media information in conjunction with Police Gold as required throughout the afternoon and into the night.

15.55 Request to evacuate from Telford Bridge to Elliot Bridge. First priority – next concern Low Stanners.

1500hrs Water rising to a point where is impassable to fire pumps in area (Morpeth). Evac of family at Mathieson Gdns. F&R req air support as currents too strong for their rescue boats.


Extent of flooding at 4pm source Newcastle University School of Engineering and Geosciences

16.15 Sandbagging Atholl House. Advised would need mutual aid for second shift. Heads-up given to Wansbeck & Blyth

16.20 Confirmed areas being evacuated are Oldgate Court, Mathesons Gdns, PretoriaAv Pheenix Court Olivers Mill thought Mitford Rd. NFRS no knowledge Bennets walk

From 1630hrs onwards – RAF Boulmer Sea King, Mountain Search and Rescue Teams and RNLI are involved in evacuation/rescue efforts, officers from Boulmer and Search and Rescue attend Fire Brigade HQ and an officer from RNLI attended Bronze control at Morpeth Police Station to help co-ordinate efforts.

16.45 Concerns raised re Middle Greens & Bennetts Walk as did not have staff to evacuate – Police said would deal.

1600hrs Force wide major incident called by Police. Resources provided by RNLI, RAF Sea King Boulmer, British Red Cross, St John Ambulance,Mountain Search and Rescue Teams. Evacuations taking place from Dogger Bank and High Stanners. CMBC request officers to evacuate Middle Greens. FRS request Marine Unit.

Police Marine Unit called out. Police Media located at Gold. Sgt+5 at Oldgate, 1 Motor Patrols, 1 PC, 3 CSO's. Pottery Bank= 5 CSO's. On standby = 1 Sgt+5 for evac of Mitford Rd. Gold command directs extra resources to Middle Greens.


Extent of flooding at 5pm source Newcastle University School of Engineering and Geosciences

17.15 Request for minibus to Town Hall as started to use as staging post for evacuees

17.35 1st Multi Agency Gold meeting took place. Evacuation/rescues/999 responses continued throughout the afternoon and into late evening. Beds/Bedding/pillows sourced for evacuees comfort at both rest centres. Officers from Blyth Valley Borough Council utilised through the mutual aid arrangements to help with staffing the County Hall rest centre over night. Emergency Planning staff from Tyne and Wear Emergency Planning Unit utilised under the mutual aid arrangements to help with staffing at KingEdwardsHigh School. Both rest centres run through night.


18.25 Fire Service advised they were aware of residents still in properties and in need of evacuation. They were currently in the process of identifying which properties. Boats urgently needed to evacuate due to the depth of the water.

18.30 Confirmed 60 persons at King Edward High

18.45 Queery over whether Middle Greens being evacuated

19.00 240 people confirmed at King Edward and 50+ at County Hall. Spoke to GOLD – didn’t know they were expected to evacuate Middle Greens. Should have been actioned at 16:50.

19.44 Police GOLD rang. "Evacuation centre Embleton Hall, Longframlington - If full, where is the next one?"




20.12 Informed GOLD that cover on Oldgate Bridge would withdraw 22.00









23.30 Green and Clean stood down following discussion with EA

1700hrs Multi Agency Strategic Coordinating Group Meeting held. Evacuation of Goosehill (Middle Greens) begins. CE Electirc report Morpeth substation to be switched out.

Officers closing TelfordBridge in Morpeth. ASG team in Goosehill (Middle Greens). Gold direct Marine Unit to County Hall, Morpeth to assist F&R.














1900hrs Officer reports evacuees at King Edward's School, in contact with N'berland EPD. Wansbeck St checked, officer reports 1 elderly male not evacuating. Evacuation detail confirmed of houses in Middle Greens, Mathieson Gds, California Gdns, Jackson Terr,High Stanners. Noted staff at East Riding Nursing Home staying at premises. Elderly occupants being evacuated from Riversdale House.

CSO's attend Curley Kews bank. Officers continuing to be deployed to assist in Morpeth.

2000hrs Elderly person to be evac'd from bridge at TelfordBridge - police officer transported

Officers transporting evacuees from TelfordBridge (Morpeth) to rest centre.

2100hrs Four sub stations switched out in Morpeth causing loss of electricity to 183 customers

G1 officers deployed to points around Morpeth. E1 ASG redeploying to Morpeth.


ASG & Dog Unit deployed to Middle Greens for disorder patrol.

2300hrs 100 persons at King Edward's school settled for night, 46 at County Hall still

Units monitoring round Morpeth

2400/0000hrs Officers assist evacuation of 2 people from Wellwood Gdns Morpeth.

G1 ASG deployed to Bridge St (Morpeth) for disorder patrol. Officers assist evacuation of 2 people from Wellwood Gdns Morpeth. Officers assisting with arrangements for Riverside care home.